Employee Benefits in France

Group Health, Group Term Life and Pension schemes

France has a specific and dense regulations and rules, special programs and labor agreements when it comes to Social Protection and Employee Benefits. Globally, the French Social Security system is made of 5 branches:

  1. Health insurance = Assurance Maladie
  2.  Family = Allocations Familiales
  3. Retirement (pension) = Assurance Retraite
  4. Occupational injuries and & Illnesses = Accident du Travail et Maladies Professionnelles
  5. Long Term Care insurance (Old-Age Ins.) = DĂ©pendance

Employees and Companies contribute directly to fund the respective schemes. In addition, Companies complete the national Health and Retirement schemes in term of benefits with Complementary benefits to Executive and Non-Executive workers.

In terms of minimum benefits and funding structures, Complementary schemes follow Global and Sector level rules (or at company level for the biggest ones).
Here are the three compulsory – or at least recommended – corporate Employee Benefits companies need to provide:

  1.  Group Health (Complémentaire Santé): Complementing the national Health insurance scheme
  2. Group Life (Prévoyance) : Group Term Life including Death or Permanent Incapacity benefits and complementing the Health scheme too
  3. Pension (Retraite Complémentaire): Completing the national Retirement scheme
Employee benefits France

Employee Benefits in France

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